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Spring 2021 - Autumn 2022

Sunday 12 September: Interesting Old Objects


Instead, eleven members emailed photos of their oldobjects with explanations and/or questions.  

Sunday 17 October:

Arrowtown Presbyterian and Anglican Historic Churches

About 50 people met at the Presbyterian Church Hall  for a talk about the formation of Christian congregations in Arrowtown.This was followed by guided visits to the churches to learn about the architecture and the stained-glass windows in St Paul’s.


Sunday 7 November:                                                              

AGM, Courier 106, and ‘Interesting Old Objects’    

About 50 people and numerous fascinating old objects assembled.

First we were shown the difference restoration had made to some of the

photos in the Courier and the details revealed.

Several people talked about their old objects, then we browsed around the

tables with much conversation.

March Day trip to Nokomai Station

Postponed due to COVID. Will be rescheduled.

Sunday 10 April : ‘People From Our Past’

Over 60 members attended to encounter six people from the district’s past: Captain George Budd (Jim Sullivan), Bendix Hallenstein (Simon Stamers-Smith), John and Peter Butel (Guillaume Charton), Cherry Ryan (Amanda Viana) and Mary Boyd (Jo Boyd).



       Jim Sullivan as Captain Budd            Simon Stamers-Smith as                      Guillaume Charton as

                                                                    as Bendix Hallenstein                   John and Peter Butel                                       


Sunday 15 May: Distribution of Courier 107, and Honorary Life Membership for David Clarke, who talked about the restoration and seismic strengthening of the Bank of New Zealand building at Lakes District Museum

About 50 members attended and appreciated David Clarke’s talk as                                                         

well as honouring him and giving him an old-fashioned Testimonial.