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Activities for Members

Spring 2018 - Autumn 2019

September: ‘Our Emigrant Ancestors - Why They Left Home’                               

St John’s Presbyterian Church Hall, Arrowtown

Five speakers recounted the social, political, religious and personal factors which

motivated their ancestors to leave their home countries to emigrate to New Zealand.

They came from Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany and Norway.

Their stories were both  enlightening and moving. About 80 people attended.

September:’Vintage Viewing’ - historical films & audio from the Head of the Lake

Produced by the Glenorchy Museum & History Group.

84 people attended. The fundraising event produced a good sum for the Glenorchy Group.

October: Trip to Bannockburn and Stewart Town

16 members enjoyed a picnic by the lake, a very informative talk by Gordon Stewart and a tour of Stewart Town guided by Bruce McMillan, showing the newly-restored house and large dam.



November: Celebration of 100 Issues of the Queenstown Courier, and AGM      

Stories of Wakatipu is a beautifully illustrated special issue, an anthology of

extracts drawn from past magazines, selected to cover eight major themes of

local history.

It was created by Danny Knudson, who was awarded Honorary Membership of

the Society.

10 March: Trip to Kinloch - Over 30 members visited on a perfect, still day.

We had several talks about past times there, and Kinloch Lodge provided a superb lunch.

7 April: ‘People From Our Past’ -

Four monologues by early residents from gold-rush times onwards, and a musical performance by goldfields entertainers of 1863 Charles Thatcher and Madame Annie Vitelli.

Over 120 people attended.




       Narrator :   Sue Harcombe


       Charles Thatcher: Blaise Barham


       Annie Vitelli: Jane Robertson


       Pianist: Cheryl Collie


26 May Members Sharing Research - Film, Book talk and Launch of Queenstown Courier 101

About 40 people attended, viewing the short film by Pat Paulin about the history and process of silting at Head of the Lake, and listening to George Singleton about his book about the Kawarau River.