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    2 and 4 May: ‘People From Our Past’
   At the Arrowtown Presbyterian Hall, as part of the Arrowtown Autumn     Festival: 6 historical figures from around the district were presented.

Activities for Members

 Spring 2012 to Autumn 2013

 Sunday 26 August:
Launch of the 2013 Calendar: Hand-Tinted Postcards from the Past
  2pm St John’s Presbyterian Hall, Arrowtown. 50 members attended and heard    talks on the era of hand-tinted postcards and the 14 photos.
  19-22 October:   Goldrush 150th Commemorations,  Arrowtown

   Friday and Monday at 10am and 2pm: Guided Historical Walks
    About 40 people came on the walks with guides, Rupert, Rita and Russell.  
   Saturday: Market Day 10am-3pm  A busy market followed by the re-enactment        of the goldrush in the Arrow River.
    Sunday: Town Meets Country Day  10am-4pm at Millbrook Another stall and  
   many interesting conversations with visitors.
  Sunday 11 November:
  Frankton Cemetery People from Our Past & Annual General Meeting
   About 60 people attended. Five People from Our the Past were presented often    by descendants. The period covered extended from 1860 to the 1960s. The AGM    followed.  Annual reports are published in the Winter 2013 edition
   of the Queenstown Courier magazine.

  Sunday 9 December: Annual Picnic at Reidhaven, Villiers St, Arrowtown
  50 people attended on a perfect summer day in Jack Reid’s garden.  Jack    spoke of his family who arrived in the 1860s and memories of his long life in
   Arrowtown.  Afterwards we looked through his cottage.   

  Sunday 27 January: Arranmore Farm and Frankton Maritime Buildings
  50-60 members attended.
  Arranmore Farm on Grants Rd, Frankton, was the subject of two articles
   in last summer’s Courier 86.   Four families of past owners provided talks which
  brought the farm to life. At the newly restored Boatshed, Slipway and Ticket    Office at the Frankton marina members of the Maritime Trust explained the    history of these notable buildings and the saga of their rescue and    preservation for a new lease on    life.

 Saturday 9 March: Trip to the Wanaka Warbirds & Wheels Museum and the   National Transport & Toy Museum, both at Wanaka Airport
  10 members appreciated this informative trip and the assistance of the staff     and owners at the two museums.  Highly recommended.

   Friday19 and  Sunday 21 April: at 2pm
   Arrowtown Autumn Festival -  Cemetery Tours : People From Our Past.
   75 people came to the cemetery on the Friday, and 105 to the Presbyterian    church hall on a colder Sunday.
   Six former residents were presented, most by their descendants.

   Sunday 19 May:   
  Launch of the Winter Courier, featuring medical services in the Wakatipu,
  and an introduction to the DVD, The Glenorchy Road: a dream come true’
   produced  by the Glenorchy Heritage Museum Group.
  30 members (and two baby dolls) attended this lively event.


Activities for Members

Spring 2016 - Autumn 2017

11 September:

What On Earth Is This Gadget?, Arrowtown Presbyterian Church Hall

40 people and 29 old-fashioned gadgets attended.

We puzzled and guessed before finding out the uses of most gadgets.

Click HERE to download photos of the gadgets.

15 October:

Trip to Glenorchy 50 members enjoyed our very informative tours of the cemetery with Vince Jones and the Paulin cottage with Chris Grant, and Pat Paulin’s account of his family and memories of growing up in Glenorchy.


20 November:

Objects with Great Stories, AGM and launch of Courier Issue 96.

St Margaret’s Church Hall, Frankton, 2pm.

Seven varied and intriguing objects and 50 members attended.

12 February:

Visit to Bannockburn Community Church and Coronation Hall

The hall (1911) has been saved from demolition, seismically strengthened. The adjacent former Presbyterian Church (1909)  also belongs to the community. Local experts provided information about the two buildings and others nearby. 25 people attended these interesting community buildings.

12 March: Exploration of the Spijkerboschs’ dungeon of collectibles in Queenstown. 20 people enjoyed inspecting the eclectic articles, many collected locally.

7 May: People From Our Past - Law and Justice

Public event at the Presbyterian Hall, Arrowtown at 2.45pm following the celebration at 2pm at the Arrowtown Gaol of its restoration by the  Wakatipu Heritage Trust.

21 May: Members Sharing Memories and launch of Courier Issue 97  

At St Margaret’s Church Hall, Frankton at 2pm.

Spring 2015 - Autumn 2016

23 August

Launch of the 2016 Calendar, St Margaret’s Hall, Frankton

Over 50 people attended the talks given by people associated with the photos. The talks are being published in the next two Courier magazines.

18 October

Commemoration of Edith Cavell’s Execution in 1915, Cavell’s Restaurant, Arthurs Point

A dramatic presentation of her life, written by Danny Knudson and presented by senior drama students from Wakatipu High School directed by Victoria Boult. Over 50 people attended this moving event.

15 November: AGM at St Margaret’s Church Hall, Frankton,

Guest speaker, local archaeologist Ben Teele about the recent dig beside Eichardt’s Hotel, revealing much about the history of the hotel site and conditions in the early days.

10 April

‘People From Our Past’, Arrowtown Presbyterian Hall

Six historical figures from around the district told their stories to an appreciative audience of over 100 people at this public meeting.  The restored headstone of Charles Eckhardt was installed at the cemetery.

16 April at the Lakes District Museum

Launch of Skippers - Triumph and Tragedy by Danny Knudson

The publication of this authoritative history of the Upper Shotover is jointly funded by Danny, the Historical Society and the Museum, and brings to the public Danny’s many years of research and writing.

22 May at St Margaret’s Church Hall, Frankton at 2pm

Members Sharing Memories - talks by members, and launch of The Queenstown Courier Issue 95 featuring the lives of some early surveyors.

Spring 2014 - Autumn 2015

24 August

Launch of the 2015 Calendar, 2-4pm, Arrowtown Presbyterian Hall

The talks have been published in the next two Courier magazines.

16 November

AGM at St Margaret’s Church Hall, Frankton,

Guest speaker, Dame Elizabeth Hanan, talked about Lorenzo Resta, who built her house in McDonnell Road, Arrowtown.

26 November

Launch of the smartphone app at the Queenstown Memorial Centre

By the Mayor, Vanessa van Uden, with sponsors, invited guests and members.

14 December: Picnic at the Hanans’ house, noon-4pm

1 March: Arrowtown’s Heritage Treasure-houses

Visit to the Lakes District Museum with guided tour by the Director, David Clarke, and to Arrow Kilwinning Lodge with talk by Taylor Reed.

18 and 19 April: ‘People From Our Past’

At the Arrowtown Presbyterian Hall, as part of the Arrowtown Autumn Festival: 6 historical figures from around the district were presented.

2 May: Celebration of the Society’s 50th Anniversary

Trip on the TSS Earnslaw to Walter Peak Station, with function, and launch of Heritage Alive by Danny Knudson - the history of the Society. See photos in side bar.

Spring 2013 – Autumn 2014

25 August, Sunday:

Launch of 2014 Calendar, 2-4pm, Arrowtown Presbyterian Hall

About 50 people attended, hearing talks on each month’s pictures from12 different speakers. The talks have been published in the next two Courier magazines

19 October, Saturday: Day Trip to Clyde

40 people thoroughly enjoyed being shown over the Olivers complex by owner David Ritchie, Dunstan House by owners John and Maree Davidson, and Naylors’ Cottage by Chris Naylor.                                       More photos are on the next page.

10 November, Sunday AGM & Launch of Summer Courier, with guest speaker Dr Jennie Coleman on diaries of the immigrant voyages.  About 40 people attended. The committee was re-elected, and Dr Coleman’s detailed talk gave a larger context for immigrant diaries.

15 December, Sunday Noon-3pm: Picnic at Laurel Bank

About 40 people attended, appreciating the hospitality of Sheena Haywood and Stephen Brent at their relocated and restored home. Neville Bryant kindly brought the former Routeburn Valley bus and took members to the Lower Shotover Bridge. Glenys Reynolds showed us through the former Ferry Hotel which is now a b-and-b.

1 February Saturday:

Day Trip by 4WD to Bannockburn and Nevis Crossing

37 people in 12 cars visited Kawarau Station where owner, Richard Anderson, told the history of the run, the Category I shearing shed, and the homestead buildings. Over Duffers Saddle to Nevis Crossing with Bruce McMillan giving commentary. Back to Watts Rock on the ridge. Some drove down the Young Australian waterwheel and on to Carricktown.  Photos below right.

23 March, Sunday: History of Queenstown Gardens

40 people enjoyed a perfect autumn afternoon, hearing the history of the Gardens peninsula, the bowls pavilion, the trees and the memorials.


Trip to Clyde

October 2013

Olivers former restaurant under renovation

Picnic at Laurel Bank,

December 2013

Trip to Bannockburn

and Nevis Crossing

February 2014

Kawarau Station Woolshed

Kawarau Station Homestead

Nevis Crossing

50th Anniversary Celebration, May 2015

At Walter Peak Station

People From Our Past



          William Fox


Rebecca Bond



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